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Neverwhere: Author's Preferred Text - Neil Gaiman

So I started this on the train ride to work, and I can already tell that I'm going to breeze through this. What is it about Neil Gaiman's writing that is so utterly addictive? This is just about the 5th time I've read Neverwhere in some form or another. I read the paperback three times, and have read the graphic novel twice. Each time I'm just as impressed with the London Underground, Richard Mayhew, Door, and all the madness that ensues. It doesn't change, no matter how many times I revisit it.


This version is the new "author's preferred text" version though, and so I'm trying to savor it. Only 87 pages in, and I can already see small changes and additions. Plus the London Underground map in the front is lovely. I'm LOVING this.


Neil Gaiman is my hero, guys.