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Book Hangover... Imminent

Roses and Rot - Kat Howard

Oh holy hell.


You know when  you finish a book and you just sit there with too many emotions to do anything but just sit there? When you kind of want to cry, but you're also happy, and your heart is just twisted up in knots? I'm there. Book hangover is imminent. I don't think I'm going to be able to write a review for this today.


Here's just a glimpse at what this book has inside.


This is the thing about fairy tales: You have to live through them, before you get to the happily ever after. That ever after has to be earned, and not everyone makes it that far. There are stories where you must wear out your iron shoes to right a wrong, where children are baked into pies, where jealousy cuts off hands and cuts out hearts.


We forget, because the stories end with those ritual words - happily ever after - after all the darkness, all the pain, all the effort that comes before. People say they want a fairy tale life, but what they really want is the part that happens off the page, after the oven has been escaped, after the clock strikes midnight. They want the part that doesn't come with glass slippers still stained with a stepsister's blood, or a lover blinded by an angry mother's thorn.


If you live through a fairy tale, you don't make it through unscathed or unchanged. Hands of silver may be beautiful, but they don't replace the hands of flesh and bone that were severed. The hazel tree may speak with your mother's voice, but her bones are still buried beneath its roots. The dead are not always returned, and roses do not always bloom from graves.


Not every princess climbs out of her coffin.