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The Book of Storms by Ruth Hatfield

The Book of Storms (The Book of Storms Trilogy) - Ruth Hatfield, Greg Call

This book is part of the NetGalley ARCs that I have backlogged, and am trying to clear out.


Truth be told, I don't quite know where to start with my feelings on this book. So, I suppose I'll just type and see where it takes me. Let me say, for a story titled The Book of Storms, there wasn't much action or excitement to be had. In fact, this entire book had a very lackluster vibe to it. This was a definite case of a brilliant idea, succumbing to poor execution. Danny's new found abilities had the opportunity to be absolutely amazing. There just wasn't enough here to support it.


This book moves too slowly for its own good. There truthfully wasn't any point that felt like a climax, although I could see where it was likely supposed to be. In fact, Danny's whole journey just didn't feel genuine. To me, the point of a life altering journey is to grow and change. To realize your inner potential. Danny's character felt stagnant, and that put a damper on things. Even when he was being "brave", it didn't feel like the truth. Not having a strongly written main character makes for a difficult read.


Now, I probably could have forgiven all of this and given this book a 3-star rating if it weren't for Sammael's character. I love a well-written villain. I have no issue completely loathing a character, as long as I can understand him. Sammael was vague. He was paper thin. His character wasn't developed, but simply written as being this mean spirited entity that had a chip on his shoulder against human kind. If I had to guess, I think the key point here was that he hated humans for ruining the Earth. Maybe. It's hard to tell. Add in the fact that he blatantly abused his animal companion, and I was so done with his character. I don't care how terrible you are, you don't abuse an animal. Especially in a book billed for an MG audience.


Alas, this just wasn't what I expected it to be. I did finish, to see whether the ending would bring this story around. Instead, I was given an ending that just made me sigh in frustration. This is a series, so my only hope is that Danny will grow in the stories to come.