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Wizard's First Rule - Terry Goodkind

I'm in the home stretch on this one, and I have so many feelings on it. I'm absolutely terrified to try to write a review.


See, this is the first full length Fantasy I've "read" (I'm listening to this on audio). Although it took me a while to get into (read that as... about 6 hours), I'm now really invested. I'm kind of sad that it's coming to an end. Sure, there are more books. But this one is almost over.


I forgot how deep Fantasy goes. How dark it can go, but how lighthearted it can be too. How authors can create these gorgeous, terrible, and absolutely lovable characters and then rip them away from you. Gah, I missed this. 


There's a whole, long, almost maddening stretch in this book where the main character is in constant torture. Listening to someone narrate that, to hear the pain in his voice, hit me hard. And then for that same character to still feel love, and kindness, after all of that. My heart is in pieces right now. I think I needed this.


Only about 4 hours left to go. Don't fail me now, book.