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Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary - Garth Ennis, Carlos Ezquerra

Well, this definitely isn't Ennis' finest story. For sure, it has the same elements as other Ennis graphic series. You've got the wacky characters, with equally ridiculous names. The violence, mostly for violence sake. Even the main character, Bloody Mary herself, feels just about the same as any of Ennis' other devil-may-care protagonists. The plain fact is that there isn't much that's new in in Bloody Mary and it's kind of hard to ignore that.


As for the illustrations, I know that I've seen Carlos Ezquerra's art around in other Ennis stories. I recognized the harsh and almost violent way he draws facial features. Ezquerra's characters aren't ever very pretty looking which, while it fits perfectly with this particular story, isn't always pleasant to read for long periods of time. I think the fact that I read this as an ARC PDF might have made it even worse, because the lettering was a bit blurred as well. This book felt tedious to read a lot of the time.


Do I still love Garth Ennis overall? Absolutely. Preacher will forever sit up high on my list of wacky and wonderful series. This series though, just didn't do it for me.