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Another Castle #1

Another Castle #1 - Andrew Wheeler, Paulina Ganucheau

Let it be heard across the land: I LOVE THIS! It's funny, but when I was a kid I despised all things princess related. Grimm's fairy tales ruined me, because I always felt like those princesses made such terrible decisions. Who gives up their whole life for a guy? Why were they always so meek? Eesh. I was not a fan.


If someone had handed me Another Castle though, I would have loved it. Princess Misty is the exact opposite of all those other princesses I couldn't stand. She's a fighter! She's feisty, she's kind, but most importantly of all she understands what it means to be in charge of a kingdom. Younger me would have adored her to the ends of the Earth. Guess what? Older me does too!


This first issue is a little vague in the story department. You can tell that Andrew Wheeler is getting his footing, and trying to set up a solid story for the coming issues. He drops hints about what is to come, but the best part is that he instantly sets Misty up as a not so normal princess. I knew from page two that this wasn't your typical princess story, and that's what made me love it all the more.


The art though. Oh, the art. That is the number one thing I absolutely love about this comic. I fangirl hard over Paulina Ganucheau and her bubbly, bright illustrations. I love the way she draws facial expressions, clothing, and how she throws in little easter eggs here and there. Her art style fits this story perfectly, and I'm hooked.


More please!!! I'll be waiting eagerly for April.