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13 Days of Midnight by Leo R. Hunt

Thirteen Days of Midnight - Leo R. Hunt

13 Days of Midnight managed to throw me for a bit of a loop. By reading the synopsis, I guess I just got the vibe that this would be more of a horror novel. As it turns out, this isn't really scary at all. So if you're worried that this might be too intense for you? Don't worry. This reads as a very tame story, and is much more of a thriller than anything.


Truth be told, this was a solid middle of the road read for me. Luke wasn't a character that I could ever really bring myself to truly like. I do have to give credit to Hunt for creating a boy who actually felt like a teen though. He makes split decisions, plays the "cool guy" to fit in with his friends, and secretly loves his mother even though he might not always outwardly show it. Luke was actually a fairly well fleshed out character, and I appreciated that since he is the protagonist. If only he hadn't been so blase about the whole occult portion of this book, I may have liked him more.


That being said, I like Elza much more than Luke. She actually saved most of this book for me. See, Elza is the outcast. She doesn't care about what the popular kids think, she's just true to who she is. Which, is actually a pretty amazing person. Elza has second sight and, well, let's just say that Luke would have been screwed if he hadn't asked her for help. I truly think that because she agreed to help him, even after he treated her so poorly, I liked her even more.


Story wise? Well, this again falls right in the center of the scale. As I mentioned above, Luke's story isn't scary in the least. It seems odd to me that this is a story that revolves entirely around the occult, with demons and the devil plainly featured, and has essentially no repercussions. Oh sure, Luke has a few moments of uncomfortable happenings, but it never really turns into anything serious. In fact, I think this is the one story I've ever read when something dealing with the dark side of magic had no terrible after effects. I'm not sure how I feel about that. So, middle of the road.