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Puppy Pirates: Catnapped! (Puppy Pirates #3) by Erin Soderberg

Puppy Pirates #3: Catnapped! (A Stepping Stone Book(TM)) - Erin Soderberg

This book was adorable! I'm always on the lookout for transition books, those stories that bring young readers from picture books into the world of chapter books. When I was offered Puppy Pirates: Catnapped! for review, I eagerly snatched it up! Pirates, puppies and kittens? I'm honestly not sure there's anything more adorable to be added.


While this book is the third in a series, it's not hard to pick it up and just start reading along. I was introduced to the crew of The Salty Bone, a pirate ship full of adorable puppies and one lucky little boy. Sailing the seas, having all manner of adventures, and getting into the type of mischief that will made young readers giggle with delight. I admit, I'm an adult and I was smiling. It's hard not to.


The balance between illustrations and story are spot on, as are the length of the chapters themselves. I picture this as the perfect story to read before bed over a few evenings. It even has that sweet little lesson that comes along with most books aimed at this age group, and it isn't too heavy handed. Final verdict? Adorable! I'd recommend this to readers in transition who love adventure and excitement!