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Daredevil, Vol 3: Wake Up

Daredevil, Vol. 3: Wake Up - Brian Michael Bendis, David W. Mack

So Grim asked me if I wanted to do a mini BR with her of this volume, and I promptly agreed! I have a new love affair with Daredevil. While I hadn't yet gotten around to reading any comics surrounding his story, the television show absolutely snared me in its grasp. Matt Murdoch became one of those characters that I was obsessed with. His story is so tragic, and yet he's such an amazing person. Both in superhero form and in his real life. So, Matt Murdoch plus a BR with Grim? It's a no brainer.


One glimpse at the art sealed the deal. This particular volume is a short run story arc called "Wake Up", and the art is done by David W Mack. It's stunning. Watercolors run across scrawled lines, which I know sounds like it would be distracting. In actuality, it's beautiful. It has this purposeful chaos to it, and it fits with the storyline perfectly.



Sorry for the large panel, but you really need to take in a whole panel to appreciate the full effect. See, this story arc revolves around Timmy. The boy in the picture has been through something scarring. Something that has caused him to speak only the kinds of wording that would show up in comic panels. I was introduced to Ben Urich. A journalist, and the only man who cared about telling Timmy's story. What followed, was heartbreaking and beautiful.


Bendis has impressed me time and time again with his writing, but it was really the illustrations that knocked this home. Mack is brilliant, and I wouldn't be against seeing more of his art pop up in other stories. As for the story itself, I started this out of order to read with Grim, but now I'm thinking I'll have to go back and start from the beginning. This has my interest, and I want more.