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Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Vol 6

Transformers: Robots In Disguise Volume 6 - John Barber

This has gotten so good. So so good! I don't know if the collaboration meant that James Roberts rubbed off a bit on John Barber, but this 6th volume definitely has something that the other 5 didn't. I kept complaining that this was always a good series, but never quite on the level of MTMtE. It was missing that spark, that excitement.


I'm happy to report, that this was tons better. It was a lot of fun to read, and a welcome beam of light after the darkness of Dark Cybertron.


Let me tell you, I love Thundercracker. LOVE. Did you know that he's a budding screenplay writer? He even "almost has an agent". Gaze upon the talent.



Hey, it's no worse than most of the dribble out there on television now, right?


But the best part of Thundercracker is the fact that the has a puppy! Guys, that's adorable. I don't care who you are, that's adorable. He loves Buster so much. Seeing a Transformer holding a tiny dog? Priceless.



Yup, our characters have ended up back on Earth and... well... it's a bit of an understatement to say that things don't go well. Earth remembers them as monstrous robots who destroyed everything. And, despite Optimus Prime's strong belief that they are the good guys and that they should protect humans, things go south. Mainly, because of Prowl.


Oh Prowl. You unfeeling bastard. I know he feels bad about it sometimes, as witnessed in the panel below. Still, he makes some pretty cold and calculating decisions. They always get the job done, but he doesn't worry about the consequences either.



Prowl hates that Megatron has joined the Autobots. Hates it. 


Which is why he and Prime butt heads a lot, and why this happens.



Optimus is getting really tired of Prowl's shit. Ha. I kind of like when he's angry. Since he seems to be at peace, and kind to everyone. He deserves to rant once in a while.


Especially because he's doing things like this behind Optimus' back.



I pretty much hate Prowl now too. Although this does further cement my love for Arcee. She's just too amazing.


So now that I've paneled you to death, let me tell you exactly why I loved this volume. It's full of everything I wanted to know! It shows what happens to our characters after they've been through hell, defeated Shockwave, and are trying to pick up the pieces. It touches on the ideas of friendship, and loyalty.


I admit though, one of my favorite parts of this whole thing was the Arcee/Windblade/Chromia/Nautica piece. All the Autobots automatically assume that Arcee will now be thrilled to have more females to talk to. They badger her with questions, and want her opinion, and the whole time she's just annoyed that they assume she'd care. I only know Arcee's back story because of asking Grim, but I liked that Barber didn't just automatically make these four into best friends. It wouldn't have felt realistic.


LOVE this.