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Heathen #4

Heathen #4 - Natasha Alterici

What can I say that I haven't already said? Or, more than that, what can I say that all of the people that I've now converted to Heathen fans haven't already said? This story is gorgeous, plain and simple. Natasha Alterici's art style is flowing, lyrical, and downright stunning. Everything about this series is just too good.


This particular issue clinched my love, with how beautifully it addressed alternate lifestyles and the people who see them as evil. Truthfully, that's been building up through the issues so far. Natasha Alterici has artfully created a story where love shines, despite the people who try to snuff it out. It doesn't matter whether you love another woman, or another man, only that you're strong enough to fight for that love. Or, in the case of Aydis, to fight for that love on behalf of everyone else.


I have a massive girl crush on Aydis. I'm lamenting the fact that there's no more of this until Spring. *sigh*