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Angela: Asgard's Assassin (2014) #2

Angela Asgard's Assassin #2 1-in-25 Mike Choi Variant Cover Edition - Kieron Gillen, No, Phil Jimenez

Let it be known, I'm in love with this series! Yup. It's official. If Angela wasn't enough to steal my heart, Sera has clinched the deal. These two are a match made in Heven, and I am hooked beyond belief.


I think my favorite part of this particular issue was two-fold. First off, Loki makes a cameo! His smooth talking, sarcastic demeanor set against Angela's no-nonsense attitude makes for some hilarious panels. I have to say that I'd love to see more of these two later on. While the Asgardians and Angela aren't exactly friends, my heart tells me that Loki doesn't really care. He's always on his own mission anyway.


The other part that is so great is that there's much more Sera, and I'm beginning to understand why she's so important to this story. She's the yin to Angela's yang. The one who reminds her that there is time for things, LIKE ICE CREAM.  There's always time for ice cream.


What's not to love about this panel?


*happy sigh*