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Angela: Asgard's Assassin (2014) #1

ANGELA: ASGARD'S ASSASSIN (2014) #1 - Kieron Gillen, Stephanie Hans, Marguerite Bennett, Phil Jimenez

Okay, this has my interest. Hardcore.


First off, Angela is a total badass. What's not to love about a warrior angel, with her own mission in mind? Plus I absolutely love the way that she's drawn. Generally I'm not a fan of scantily clad characters, but good lord in heaven is she GORGEOUS. She looks like a real person, albeit an extremely well toned one ;).


What can I say? I'm a bit biased. I love everything I've read that Kieron Gillen has ever touched. He's my hero. It's like he eats, sleeps and breathes strong female characters. 


This first issue was a bit of a teaser. It gave us some of Angela's background, set up her bad-ass attitude, and set the stage for the craziness to come. I can't WAIT!