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Reading Goals for 2016

Since I'm not quite ready to do my wrap up for 2015 (there are still books I'm in progress on), I thought I'd share my reading goals for 2016! I always set a few, just to keep me on track. Nothing too confining though. I like my reading freedom.

* Read more short fiction.

This year I discovered that TOR constantly has free fiction online. I finally added them to my Feedly, and I've been immersed in reading it. It's amazing how much some people can do with such few words.

* Tackle the 2016 PopSugar Challenge

I wanted to read out of the box this year, and the one thing that I discovered is that I really need some guidance. Having some categories to bounce off of will help me skinny things down to books that I can actually choose between.

* Clear my NetGalley TBR

This has followed me all year. I got so busy that I stopped reading as quickly as I did before. Alas, I didn't stop requesting. Now I'm living in the back draft of that. I need to catch up, big time. So no requesting anything new in 2016 until I fulfill the promises I've already made.


* Have a year of FANTASY!


It's my goal to read at least one Fantasy book a month next year. I'm taking suggestions! I lost my love of Fantasy somewhere between starting my book blog, and being bogged down with ARC requests. It's time to find that again.


* Discover the Marvel Universe


In 2016 I'm biting the bullet and paying for a year of Marvel Unlimited. Since I've been so obsessed with comics this year, I think it's time to give the capes and tights set another shot. I've heard that Marvel has grown a lot, and I've read a bit of DC too, so it's time to get out there and rediscover it all.


* Listen to more audio books


Sometimes I'm way too tired to read on the train, but I'm never too tired to listen. It's my goal to tackle 3 audio books a month!