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Sons of the Devil, Vol. 1

Sons of the Devil Volume 1 (Sons of the Devil Tp) - Toni Infante, Toni Infante, Brian Buccellato

I've said it before, but I have a bit of obsession with stories about cults. The fact that it's possible for one person to have such an intense hold over so many others is terrifying. It's also fascinating. How evil one must be, to be willing to bend others to their malicious will. I suppose it's no surprise that I chose to read Sons of the Devil. David Dahly stared at me from the pages, and I stared right back.


Now obviously you're not going to want to read this book if you have an issue with blood, violence and death. The colony isn't exactly a happy place all the time, even if it looks like it on the surface. After all, you can't keep people in line with kindness. In fact, this graphic novel begins with a bludgeoning. No explanation, no set up, just violence. It all wraps back around, but you'll know from the very first panel whether or not this is going to be a story that you can handle.



Now, on to the plot! I have to say, this first volume definitely peaked my interest. Travis, our main character, was orphaned as a child. We enter his life at a time where, at first glance, everything seems to be going pretty okay. That is, until pieces of his past begin to be uncovered. What would you do if you found out that you were the product of a cult? To say that Travis doesn't handle it well is an understatement. I loved the way this story was told. It unfolded bit by bit, and suddenly I saw Travis in a whole different light. They say our past comes back to haunt us. In this case, that's definitely the truth.


By the time things came full circle, I was breathless from the chase. While I wasn't always a huge fan of the art, I do think it genuinely matches the story that needed to be told. The limited palette panels specifically caught my eye, for the dreary atmosphere they put forth. This graphic novel is done well. It's intriguing. It ends in a place that makes you want to shout angrily at the sky. I absolutely want more.