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Fremont Rosenbloom: Party Assassin for Hire by Michael Bast

Fremont Rosenbloom: Party Assassin for Hire - Michael Bast

Some people have a knack for throwing events. Fremont Rosenbloom has a knack for ruining them. Want a very public revenge on someone, that involves complete embarrassment? Fremont is your man! I thought it was clever that Michael Bast mentions the fact that his main character is a little rough around the edges. Truth be told, it's not easy to like Fremont at first. Trust me though, he'll grow on you. I honestly couldn't believe how much depth there ended up being in this story. Color me impressed!


In fact, the family aspect of this book was really what struck me. While Fremont's parents are no longer in the picture, this story builds a new kind of family for him. One that, in fact, he at first doesn't even notice exists. I love stories like this. Where a character builds their own tight knit group of people who genuinely care for them. Between Addy and Modesto, Fremont was definitely covered in the love department. Oh sure, it was a little crass at times (manly bonding and all that) but the love was there just the same.


I think my favorite part was watching Fremont grow as a character. It's extremely important to me that the protagonist I'm following gains some insight. Michael Bast delivered on this. I watched as Fremont grew and learned, cheering him on every step of the way. He definitely didn't always make the best decisions, but don't we all have those moments? I was happy to see that he was genuine. A bit flawed, but with a heart of gold underneath it all.


While this book could use a quick polish in the editing department, I definitely think that it's worthy of a four star rating! If you're looking for something that steps a bit out of the box, and has likable characters, then this is for you.