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The Mire (Ink and Thunder #3)

The Mire - Becky Cloonan

Although this wasn't my favorite entry in this series so far, I'm still so impressed. The Mire was a lot more straight forward than the previous two stories. It still had a definite twist, which is what I've come to love about these, but I saw it coming before the end. It's testament to my love of this series that I didn't mind one bit though.


On the eve on an epic battle, a brave knight sends his squire away. His mission: to deliver a very important letter to the castle that could mean the difference between life and death. Little does our young squire know how true that actually is. As I said, I guessed the twist a bit earlier than I hoped. Still, I couldn't help but smile at the ending. Cloonan is brilliant!


Have I mentioned that you should read these? You should. They're Comixology Submit, and a steal at .99 a piece. You won't regret it.