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Wolves (Ink and Thunder #1)

Wolves - Becky Cloonan

Where has this been all my life? Why haven't I discovered Becky Cloonan's art and storytelling before now? Oh, be still my heart. As much as I adore a well colored page, there's something absolutely stunning about a well done pen and ink drawing. I adore when an artist can evoke feeling and movement, without the use of color. I am so very impressed.



If my heart hadn't already been stolen by the art, the story here sealed the deal quite firmly. This is a short story, that reads much more like an epic poem than anything else. Our nameless narrator is introduced, set in a time when hunters ruled the forest and kings ruled the land. I followed him through his journey, quickly amazed at how much I felt for him despite the brevity of his tale. This is gorgeous story, and also a sad one.


Cloonan uses only the words that are necessary to tell our hero's tale. They don't clutter the panels, allowing you to fully appreciate the sumptuous art. I declare this my perfect kind of comic. A bit romantic, a bit sad, and entirely lovely.