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The Glittering World by Robert Levy

The Glittering World - Robert Levy

Honestly, and it truly pains me to say this, this book is rather boring. Packed in such a stunning cover, you'd expect The Glittering World to be full of magical shimmer. Instead, it's a very confusing story, told from multiple view points, centering around some very unattractive Fae. I'm all for taking a convention, and turning it on its head. I've read about Fae who were gorgeous, those who were deadly, and every combination in between. In this case, I just couldn't get behind the premise. When you're promising me that a character is utterly intoxicating to those around him, and his true form is described in manner that makes me think of a horror movie, you've got to give me more than that. My mind just wouldn't accept that this was a possibility.


When I was first introduced to Blue, Jason, Gabe and Elisa, I had high hopes. Each of them felt like such free spirits, but with their own demons lurking underneath. I hoped to delve into their lives before the magic of the book took hold. Alas, after only a few chapters, it felt like an entirely different book. Blue's story took a dark, and confusing turn. A bunch of information was thrown at me, all at once, about his past. Suddenly, things were jumbled. Gabe felt crazy. Jason felt overbearing. Underneath all of that was this disconnect between the magic that the book kept promising, and the story that was actually being told. I finished this and sat still for a good 10 minutes afterwards, simply trying to digest everything. To be honest, I'm still lost.


I say this a lot, but it's just as true here as it has been every other time, books shouldn't be compared to other books in their synopsis. I picked this up because the synopsis pulled me in with its promise of Neil Gaiman-esque writing. That was false. Gaiman weaves worlds that make you a part of them. This story held me at arms length the entire time.