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Comic Bento - 3 Month Update!

So, for everyone that doesn't know, I bought myself a year subscription to COMIC BENTO as a celebration for getting my new job :). I like to sign up for subscription boxes and commit to a whole year at a time, to see whether or not it's something that's worth it.


It's been three months, and so far I'm pretty darn happy with how things are panning out! My big problem with graphic novels is that I never know what to read next. In this case, books come straight to me and often they're things I love and would never have thought to read on my own.



September's Box Theme: FIGHT THE FIGHT


October's Box Theme: MASKS


November's Box Theme: BUTTON MASH


As you can see, the boxes are pretty varied. They're all curated for a monthly theme, and each one has a pretty amazing value because with a yearly subscription a box is only $17.50. I'd say any one of these volumes is at least worth $10. It's a good deal overall!


I'll pop back in every three months to let you know how things are going, but so far I'm pretty darn happy with my experience!