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Preacher: Book 1

Preacher, Book 1 - Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon

Okay. Everyone scoot on over, because I'm hopping on the Preacher bandwagon and never looking back. Seriously, why did I wait so long to read this? I've never seen a story that more perfectly spotlights religious disillusionment, in my life. This was a wild, and enjoyable romp. The jokes, the dogma, the characters, the story, it all just meshed. There wasn't a single minute of this graphic novel that I wasn't completely involved. I laughed. I teared up. I loved the hell out of this.


Garth Ennis pulls no punches when it comes to Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy. These three are drawn through the ringer time and time again. There's something satisfying about watching them prop one another up though. It speaks to one of the many underlying themes of this story, and that's the fact that people are just that. People. They're human. They love. They hate. They share. They murder. Humanity isn't always beautiful. It isn't always ugly. There's that grey area in between, and the best thing you can do is cling to what's good in your life. If anyone knows about the horrors that humanity can dredge up, it's Jesse. Yet he still has this almost insane amount of hope. He felt realistic to me, and I was rooting for him all the way.


Sure, there are some hilarious parts of this book. Cassidy on his own would be enough to make you smile. Plus I can't deny that some of the one-liners are absolutely ridiculous. That's just scratching the surface though. I don't know how it was done, but suddenly I was looking at religion. I was looking at humanity, and the way we judge one another at face value. Garth Ennis simultaneously threw love, family, and vengeance at me, and I didn't even bat an eye. Like I mentioned above, it just works. It just works.


I've already gotten my hands on the second book of this series, and you can bet that I'm in for the long haul. Jesse is under my skin. His quest is my quest, and I'll be right there alongside him until the bitter end.