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A new series to obsess over!

Heathen #1 - Natasha Alterici Heathen #2 - Natasha Alterici Heathen #3 - Natasha Alterici

Sometimes when I'm bored, I dive into the depths of Comixology Submit and look for things that catch my eye. I love supporting new artists and creators! Plus, and I'm being honest, there are a ton of talented people hiding in that pool! Just because there's no big name publishing house attached, doesn't mean there aren't gems. Which brings me to HEATHEN as a series, and my new obsession.


I bought issue #1 on a whim, because I can't deny my affinity for Valkyries. They are, after all, the epitome of strong women! Then I saw the art, and my heart sped up. I realize it won't be for everyone, but I absolutely fell head over heels for Natasha Alterici's art style. It's so dynamic. It all but vibrates! It's almost like the page can barely contain all the amazing that she's chosen to pen down.



When I say dynamic, I mean it. Each panel seems to adjust itself to exactly what's needed for that particular part of the story. I felt like I was lost in a real life myth. The pages wrapped me up, and I heard this voice in my head narrating the story. I knew I'd found something special. I bought, and devoured, the next two issues.



Ah, and the story is brilliant as well. Aydis is that perfect mix of tough-as-nails, and accessible. Her heart is big, her courage is vast, and I couldn't help but fall in love with her. Exiled from her homeland for following her heart, and thus going against conventions, Aydis is on the ultimate quest. Free Brynhild, prove herself, and hopefully find her happiness.


I'm thrilled with all of the LGBQT comics that are out there these days. This story especially touched my heart. When Aydis announces that she isn't fighting simply for herself, but for everyone who has ever had to suffer like she is, I all but sobbed. HEATHEN is a gorgeous. It has strong female characters, and if there are some feminist undertones who can disagree? It all fits perfectly.



*swoon* Alas, issue #4 is not out until next month. You can bet though that the instant it's live on Comixology it will be purchased. I can't wait to see where this story goes next!


(All panels belong to the Heathen comics, and therefore to the artist.)