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Costume Shenanigans

I know, I know, I have been scarce around here. It makes me feel loved, actually, when people (I'm looking at you awesome Grim!) actually notice that I'm missing for a bit. I'm glad you all don't mind my rambling.


Anyway I have a good excuse! I've been doing costume type things. The hubby and I are going to Comikaze on Halloween. What better way to combine Halloween costumes, cosplay, and being completely nerdy? True to form, I've spent way more time on his costume than mine. That always happens. I predict that when we have a kid, their costume and my hubby's costume will be amazing. Mine will be haphazardly thrown together at the last minute like it always is. (That's why I'm Louise from Bob's Burgers this year. EASY.)


Here's a teaser for you! If you didn't know, he's going as Barf from Spaceballs. Please ignore my horribly messy apartment. The problem with crafting is, you need space. The problem with that is, we don't have any. Our apartment looks like a crafty tornado hit it.



His tail is on elastic, so it swings like a real one and won't fall off. It's pretty fabulous. I promise to take more pictures once everything is ready, and my apartment is back to up to par ;).