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I Hate Fairyland #1

I Hate Fairyland #1 - Skottie Young, Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Oh, this was fun! Pure, bloody, violent and snark-filled fun.


You know how children in books are always excited to be transported to new worlds? They never seem to mind the mind-boggling tasks that they're given, or the not-quite-so-helpful sidekicks that they're forced to endure. After all, who wouldn't want to be transported to Fairyland?


Enter Gertrude. A 30-year-old trapped in a child's body whose tiny, day-long mission to find a key and get back home has made her into one vicious little tyrant. Gert is hilarious! She's mean, she's no nonsense, and yet because she's such an adorable little girl it's all just so very messed up. Don't read this comic if you have an issue with cartoon blood, or violence, or pretty much if you're sensitive at all. If you like dark and morbid humor? Welcome to your new favorite story!


The art here is stellar. It's Skottie Young after all. It brims with madness, and yet is set against the bright and happy colors of another world. It's beautifully macabre. Follow along with Gert as she hacks and slashes her way home. It's a blast.


Ha. Oh, this was just what I wanted to read today. This actually just released today so it's available on Comixology or your LCS. Go get it!