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Charming (Pax Arcana #1) by Elliott James

Charming - Elliott James

Ah, Charming. You know, I was looking for something fun and light when I picked this up. Color me surprised at how much magical lore, relationships, and actual emotions are packed into this book. It's still a seriously fun read. Is it perfect? No. However I can say that the entire time I was listening to this on audio, there was something that kept me going. Either some snarky banter, an interesting female lead, or John Charming without his shirt... erm... I mean emotional depth. Yup. Emotional depth.


I think Urban Fantasy is my new go-to for books that are easy to get lost in. While there's definitely a fair bit of explanation into certain mythical creatures, their habits, and their communities, it doesn't feel heavy handed here in Charming. It blends in nicely with everything else going on. Actually, it kind of balances out the action scenes. Add in a bit of awkward but adorable relationship building between John and our female lead, and you have a book that held my attention.


Has anyone moved on in this series? I'd love to know if I should continue on too :).