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If you're wondering where I've been.


So I started feeling under the weather on Friday, but I still felt okay. I made it through work, and thought maybe I had a mild cold. I figured I'd kick it overnight.


Then Saturday came, and I woke up feeling a bit worse. I figured, hey, my body is doing its thing! I'll just lay around and let it rest, and hopefully kick this bug.


Sunday, I woke up completely miserable. I dragged myself to breakfast with my parents, since I haven't seen them in ages. Luckily my dad is a radiologist, and so he's essentially Dr. Dad. He took one look at me, pinpointed all the things that were wrong with me, and told me to go to Urgent Care first thing Monday morning for antibiotics.


This morning I woke up and felt...













The hubs ran me to Urgent Care as soon as it opened at 9, and they gave me antibiotics. Finally, after 4 hours since I took my first dose, I feel relatively normal. I can swallow. I can eat food other than oatmeal. Hallelujah.


I've done nothing this weekend but sleep, drink water, eat oatmeal/soup, and watch Once Upon A Time. I only get really sick about once very 5 or 6 years. In this case it has been 8! I guess I should be happy. I think I'll get there. Once I kick this damn bug.