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I am so sore.


Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter. Yeah, you. Tsk.



In my ongoing quest to get off of my ass, and actually get out into the world on the weekends, my friend and I went kayaking on the LA River yesterday! First of all, I was impressed that there is actually a section of this river that is still a river. Anyone who lives in So Cal knows how crazy that is. Second of all, I was heartened to see how much good the LA Conservation Corps have done for this stretch of river! They lead this kayaking trip, and their hard work is evident.


We saw a cormorant, a snowy egret, a ton of tadpoles, and even a hawk! The river was so peaceful, and a ton of fun to kayak. All in all it was a great 2 hour time investment. I honestly could have stayed out on the water a lot longer.


Today, however, I am being schooled in how terribly out of shape I am. I ache all over. Lol. Kayaking kicked my butt. And you know what? I'd do it again in a heartbeat.