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The Last Necromancer by C.J. Archer

The Last Necromancer - C.J. Archer

Pardon me, just a moment, while I flail in excitement over this cover! I'll fully admit, that was the first thing that drew me to The Last Necromancer. Of course, once I found out it was set in Victorian London I was hooked. Still, it's hard to deny that this book has some gorgeous wrappings. I can assure it, it's as pretty inside as it is out. If you're on the fence about this book, get off of that fence and go buy it. It's well worth your time.

Charlotte, or Charlie as she prefers to be called, had my attention and admiration from the very first page. To say that her life is hard would most definitely be an understatement. I was given a main character whose entire life was centered around survival. A girl, posing as a boy, to keep her secrets hidden and keep herself alive. Charlie intrigued me. Her gruff demeanor, her razor sharp wit, all of it made for a character that I simply couldn't ignore. Even before any other characters were revealed, I was hooked. Charlie made sure of that.

Oh, and the story that she is wrapped up in just sealed the deal. I was thrown into a world of mystery and magic. A place where a secret society is needed to keep things swept under the rug. Who wouldn't be interested? Any time that a secret society is involved, you know something good is coming. I followed along with Charlie, angry when she was angry, sad when she was sad, until finally her fate came into focus. I'll admit that this story is a slow burn. There's not too much action, but rather a lot of focus on the character build up and story line. I wasn't upset in the least though. When the villain finally made himself known, that's when I knew this series would be on my reading list until further notice. Brilliant!

Am I being vague? Yes, I most certainly am. The Last Necromancer is a story that is much too easy to spoil, and I'd rather you go into it knowing as little as possible. Who is the mysterious villain? You'll have to discover that for yourself. I can assure you that it's well worth your time. I can't wait for more!