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We3 - Frank Quitely, Grant Morrison

So... yeah. Let me premise why I picked this up in the first place, shall I? Somehow we got on the topic at work about animal cruelty. I don't remember how, to be completely honest. What I did remember, was that my comic loving co-worker mentioned that Grant Morrison had done a very brutal comic all about that topic. He warned me that it was sad, dark, and violent. Of course, being a curious person, I had to go and find out what he was talking about.


He was right.


This is a story about a secret project that turns common household pets into murderous, rampaging mech-monsters. From the very beginning, I knew that this book was going to hit me hard. If you have difficulty dealing with animal cruelty? Stay away from this book. It's bloody. It's violent. It's so, so very sad. I found myself completely wrapped up in the story of these three pets, of We3 and their devastatingly bleak existence. I wanted to stop reading, but I kept reading and hoping that the ending would work out for the best.


Whew. Anyone who says that comics can't be used to tell important stories, is dead wrong. What better way to make a point than to illustrate it in broad, vivid art?