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Werewolf Descent

Werewolf Descent - Elizabeth Jean Kolodziej

Although I haven't had a chance to review it yet, I just finished Elizabeth Kolodziej's first book Vampyre Kisses. I fell in love with the characters in that book, and I was looking forward to diving into this one! I know these reviews are a bit backwards, but I'll do my best to make sure that I explain a little bit about the overall story and what I liked. That way you won't feel lost, my lovely readers.


Number one thing I love about this series in general is the copious amount of paranormal lore that is packed in. From vampires, to witches, to werewolves, there are more paranormal entities than it seems possible to fit into one story line. However Elizabeth does it seamlessly. Older vampire lore is mixed in with new and interesting abilities. What comes out of it is Werewolf Descent, a fabulously entertaining book that will keep you reading on.


If I had to choose one thing that put this book at 4 stars rather than 5, since I did thoroughly enjoy the read, it would be the way the chapters are broken up. Each chapter is from a different character point of view, and there were times where I would be a bit confused as to who was speaking. Especially since Trent and Faith are so used to one another, so comfortable, that sometimes they say what the other is thinking. It was definitely an interesting way to tell the story, since it was from multiple eyes. However it was definitely a confusing read as well.


The tie in of Greek Mythos made things interesting as well. I'm not entirely sure how much it spoke out in the overall story of Werewolf Descent specifically, but it was a nice undertone. The plot is fast moving, the characters are well written, and if you've read the first book you won't have a single problem picking up where you left off. I've heard people say that you can read this as a standalone. Personally I wouldn't recommend it. I started to read this first, but then quickly realized that I was missing a lot of rich back story. Spend the extra time and read both, you won't regret that you did.


All these words basically equal out to one thing. This book was a great read. I'm a fan of vampires, a fan of werewolves and, thanks to Werewolf Descent, I think I've just added witches to my list as well. If you are a lover of paranormal fantasy, this is a series to look out for. I thank Elizabeth Kolodziej for allowing me the opportunity to review her books! I can't wait for the next in the series.