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Damned - Chuck Palahniuk

Definitely not my favorite Palahniuk book, but there is actually a lot to Damned that I did in fact love. First off, Madison. Her attitude about Hell was hilariously glib and she was an enigma for most of the story. It might have been because the narrator of the audio book was so good at portraying this young and very matter of fact girl, but I loved her almost instantly. Madison definitely makes the book.


Also, when the synopsis says that this is "The Breakfast Club" in Hell, they really aren't kidding. Palahniuk has given the reader a wide array of characters to enjoy while exploring this dark, damp (and often gross) land of the dead. You have your punk rocker with a heart of gold. The jock who isn't as brave as he seems. Even the perfect cheerleader type, complete with fake blond hair and white shoes after labor day, makes an appearance. These characters take the reader on a wild ride.


What was a miss for me in this book was really the ending. I know a lot of people disliked Damned entirely, but I was honestly extremely invested until the ending of the book. It almost felt like a cop out to me. I get that Palahniuk is unpredictable. In fact, that's usually what draws me to his books. However I felt like I was missing something important that left a hole in my reading of this book. Not sure what, but it's definitely not there.


Anyway this rambling is simply meant to share that I did actually really enjoy listening to Damned, despite any flaws that it might have! Madison and her motley crew take the reader on a ride unlike any other. The ride through Hell itself. Don't go into this one expecting anything stunningly poignant, but rather go into it expecting the unexpected. Do that, and you'll enjoy it as much as I did.