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Edge of the Falls

Edge of the Falls - Nazarea Andrews

I was drawn into this story from the very first page, as Sabah's story slowly unfolded in front of me. Raised in a world where the Commission reigns, poisonous animals and plants are commonplace, and one wrong step can get you killed, Sabah is instantly a strong character. She blazes into the book with equal parts fierce temper and loving heart. I instantly fell in love with her personality. Even if there were no other fabulous characters, I would've continued to read just because of her.


Luckily though, there are other wonderful characters. Berg, with his sweet and honest love for Sabah. Arjun, with his savage looks and yet kindness lurking beneath. Even the Mistress who is shrouded in darkness. Each of these characters bring their own flavor to the story. It all weaves together into a beautiful tapestry of darkness vs. light and love vs. survival. I wish I could say more, but you won't get any spoilers from me!


Rounding it all out was the landscape that Andrews builds for her characters to inhabit. This isn't a hospitable place, but it is beautiful in its own right. I felt like I was right there with Berg, Sabah and Arjun, and it made it so much easier to become immersed in their story. What I enjoyed most of all was that the author never gives her characters the easy way out. They fight, they love, and sometimes they feel like failures. The raw emotion allowed for the romance to be so much more delicious.


What I'm attempting to get across, in a rather jumbled manner I'm sure, is that Edge of the Falls was a sincerely enjoyable read. Ah, what a tale. Love, danger, and the power of friendship against all odds. This, and so much more, is what you'll find between the pages of Edge of the Falls. I am sincerely glad that this book was offered to me for review. Otherwise I might have missed this gem! Nazarea Andrews is definitely a force to be reckoned with.