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Chantress - Amy Butler Greenfield

I can't deny that what drew me into Chantress was really the premise. I love when books stray away from the norm, and Lucy's story sounded like one that had awesome potential! Sadly about halfway through the book I found myself flagging in wanting to finish it.


It's not that the premise isn't fresh. I've never heard of a Chantress before, and Amy Butler Greenfield does a great job of sharing their background. The problem is that in order to build this world, there is a huge info dump required. I learned so much about what it meant to be a Chantress, but never really fell in love with the concept.


My other issue was that Lucy didn't seem real to me. Although this is marked as a young adult book, I felt like her character would have done better as a middle grade character. Her whole personality is very young. I understood that she grew up secluded from the world. I was willing to give her that. However I never felt like she evolved at all as a person.


By the time the romance aspect came into play, I just wasn't feeling it.I did ultimately finish Chantress, so it kept me reading. I can't say that I'll be back for more of Lucy's story though.