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I'm a bookworm of the highest caliber! If you see me, I'll probably be reading. There's nothing I love more than finding a good book, and then sharing it with the world!

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Just some rambling.

Lately my brain is just this big, tangled ball of yarn. I tell you, most of the reading that I've actually gotten done has either been through audio books, graphic novels/comics, or reading Middle Grade stories that are fanciful enough that they don't tax my brain. There are just so many things going on up there, in the old noggin. I'm looking at the prospect of a full time job, which means we would finally be able to get a house, which means we can finally move out from underneath the apartment from hell! Ah, there's so much riding on this one event, and I want it more than I can say.


It's funny how I always claim that I'm not stressed at all. Outwardly, I guess I'm not. I don't feel panicky, or (too) exhausted, just on autopilot. All my stress comes out the moment I try to go to sleep. My brain keeps milling over all the things that happened during the day, and refuses to shut off. Then, when I'm finally asleep, I have some crazy dreams. I'm debating on starting to write them down so that I can take a look at them later. They tend to slip through my fingers if I don't.


I've never been a big tv person, since I can't watch tv unless I have something to do with my hands, but I think I'll do some binge watching this weekend. I need to settle. And stop worrying about things. My very wise grandfather always told me that things would work out the way they would work out, whether you fought it or not. I used to get mad at that. No fate was going to run my life! Now, I'm thinking he was a smart man. Go with the flow, take the opportunities as they come, and try to enjoy the little things.


I'm going to go get pancakes. That's step one of relaxation day. Who knows? Maybe I'll end up at the book store :).