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We Are Watching by Stephen M Stewart

We Are Watching: Mindshare Book 1 - Stephen M. Stewart
Truth be told, I'm on the fence about We Are Watching. I'm not sure whether to blame my recent disconnect with Science Fiction, which I'm trying to fix, or the fact that this wasn't quite what I was expecting. When this book was offered to me for review, I was excited. Anything that has to do with a neural implant, or the idea of living in your own mind, fascinates me. It's almost truth, in a way. Doesn't it seem like that's the way we're headed? I had high hopes for this book.
Be warned that the reader is kind of thrown head first into this story. There isn't a lot of explanation of the world, or of any character traits, at the beginning. Instead, Henry's story is unfolded right from the beginning. I'll admit that it jarred me a lot. I like to get my footing before diving into a new world. I want to know where I am, and associate myself with the characters. I felt lost for a good third of the book, before I was able to finally start to grasp the whole concept of NEX and pLink. 
Luckily, I was drawn in by the action that's present on essentially every page. This story doesn't let up. From the moment the book begins, to the last page, there's always something happening. Although I was still trying to get myself oriented, I still was intrigued. It's what kept me reading on. Especially because the characters never really caught me up. They definitely could have been a lot more fleshed out.