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Far From You - Tess Sharpe

Be smart, Sophie," she says, and I hear more warning than pleading in her voice. A wariness that's never been there before. "Choose him."


I walk away from her - it's almost easy, like another person is controlling me - but when I get to the door, I turn back. She stands at the mirror, watching me through the reflection, and I meet her eyes.


"I'll choose you," I say, "No matter how hard it is. No matter what people say. Every time, I'll choose you. It's up to you to choose me back."





Gahhhh.. the feels. THE FEELS.


*curls up in a ball*


I don't think I'm going to be able to finish this before bed, so now I'm thinking I should stop and finish on the train ride tomorrow. But, I don't want to!!! Damn you sleep. Why are you so necessary?