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Late Night Musings

Well actually, by the time I finish writing this it will likely be past midnight. So we'll say very early morning musings, shall we?


And so, that time of the year when my age inches up has come again. On Wednesday, I will be 31 years old. Yes, I've just told you how old I am (or will be). No, I don't mind. Truth be told, I love birthdays. All birthdays. It's something that I don't think I'll ever lose, no matter how old I get. Why, you ask? Simply because I choose to look at them as a victory. Another year alive on this Earth. Another year of celebrations, sorrows, wins, losses, and growing. How amazing is it that I get to wake up with a whole new year of experiences under my belt? That's what a birthday is to me.


This particular birthday has had me a bit pensive. Not in a bad way, mind you. It's just that I've realized that I'm officially into my 30's. Oh sure, when I turned 30 I knew. But now I know. It's official. The brilliant part is that I'm not really upset about it. In fact, 30 has been a fabulous year so far. It's been full of so many good things that I can't even fit them all into one set of thoughts. I feel settled. I feel content. I feel good. If this is what I can expect from this decade, well bring it on life! I think I've always been an old soul. Now my age more perfectly matches my personality :).


My 20's were tough. They were full of oh lord you seriously have no idea what you are getting into moments. Now I've come to realize that all of those things, all of the times I thought for sure life was just being a bully, have all led up to this. This quiet, peaceful moment in my life. It might last, it might not, but I'll be damned sure to enjoy it in the meantime.


I'm blessed. I know it. I just forget to say it often enough. So there it is. Bring it on life. I'm chock full of happiness, and ready for all of it.