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Lumberjanes #8

Lumberjanes #8 -  Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis

And so, we bid a fond farewell to the first story arc of this series. Let me tell you, it was an amazing ride! I love these girls. I can't get over how vibrant and unique each one of them is. The fact that friendship plays such a big role in these comics, that these are girls working TOGETHER, instead of being catty... is amazing. 


Ripley is adorable, and spastic to the point of giggles. April is so smart, and fabulous. Jo sometimes forgets to believe in herself, but she's analytical and brilliant. Oh, and Molly and Mal are so perfect! The fact that they have a relationship brewing makes me all kinds of happy! This comic is all inclusive, it's filled with female power, and it's so much FUN to read.


For the record, I'd so use my otherworldly powers just like Ripley does. The world would be tons better if everyone just had a kitty.