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The Lost Boy by Greg Ruth

The Lost Boy - Greg Ruth

Well now, this was a treat. I've been on a graphic novel reading binge lately and, as much as I love a vibrant panel, the first thing that caught my eye here was the stark black and white inking. This is the story of Nate. Of his move to a new place, of finding a mysterious recorder, and of discovering that there are things out there well beyond what we can imagine. I would have thought that I'd want this story told to me in color. Honestly though? Now that I've read it I can't imagine it any other way.


The art in these panels is stunning. It's crisp, the faces are realistic, and it suits the mood of this story perfectly. While this is a little darker than most YA graphic novels out there, it places one foot firmly in the world of Fantasy. The pages are populated with all manner of both interesting and slightly unnerving characters. The world that Nate finds has quite a different type of soldier. Squirrels, rag dolls, and bugs, they are all pawns in this ongoing battle. It makes this story magical, and slightly eerie.


Highly recommended! I thoroughly enjoyed this.