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Saga (Volume 1)

Saga, Volume 1 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

Okay, I'm on the Saga bandwagon! To everyone who had been pestering me to read this, thank you. I'm officially hooked.


So although I don't generally compare things, this is definitely a Romeo and Juliet type story. Two star-crossed lovers, and their mad plan to escape the tyranny of their separate families. What is beautiful about this story though is how well balanced it is. There is your requisite drama, some action, lots of snarky humor, and the type of sweet moments that make you smile.


Fair warning, this story is also rather weird. After all, alien planets have alien inhabitants! If you aren't okay with tv-headed aliens having sex, well, you might want to find another graphic novel series. Still, I have to give massive kudos to Fiona Staples for her illustrations. These panels are gorgeous. While Brian K. Vaughn's story shines, it does it more effectively because of how lovely the panels are.


Love this! I'm glad there's more out there for me to devour.