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Dark. So very dark.

The Cape - Nelson Daniel, Jason Ciaramella, Zach Howard, Joe Hill

Following this will be a series of quick reviews for all the comics/graphic novels I've been devouring!


The Cape was the first graphic novel I borrowed from my library's new comic lending service. I'm slightly addicted to Joe Hill right now. His writing is just so dark, and yet poignant. He shows the worst parts of people, and makes you question what is lurking inside yourself. Crazy.


This graphic novel is dark. It's violent, and slightly uncomfortable at times. Often when we see super powers in comics it's all about heroes and villains. But what if you're just a normal person? What if your past has drilled a seed of hate deep into your heart, and you suddenly realize that you're able to do something about it?


Power corrupts people. Joe Hill proves it.