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It finally happened.

I've been promising myself for months, nay YEARS, that I'd someday catalog my books. My darling husband, who is infinitely more patient than I am, sat down and cataloged every single one of our movies. This might not sound impressive, but trust me it is. He's a movie collector and we probably have over 400 movies sitting on our shelves right now. He wrote them into an Excel sheet, one at a time. The brilliant part about that is, now when we're out shopping, he can instantly see if we already own something so he won't buy it twice. After realizing that I just bought Salem's Lot and, oh look, I already owned Salem's Lot (damn!) I finally did it.


Last night I sat down and looked at apps. I finally settled on the "Home Library" app because it allows you to not only scan barcodes in, but it also lets you organize it by tags. Even better, if you have a set of "unread" tagged books you can use their random sort feature to automatically pick a book. Cool, right? Not sure what to read? Hit the dice at the top of the app, and let the app pick for you!


Even better, it calculates the value of your library based on how much the books were when they were new. I have almost 300 books (I forget exactly how many, and this doesn't count ARCs) and my library is worth almost $5,000. Woot woot!


So my books are happily reorganized. There are no more precarious stacks waiting to fall over, AND I can flip open the app and make sure I don't buy something twice. It was a 5 hour project, but so totally worth it.