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Gabby Duran and the Unsittables by Elise Allen and Daryle Conners

Gabby Duran and the Unsittables - Elise Allen, Daryle Conners

So you think you've had some interesting baby sitting experiences? Well, I think Gabby Duran has you beat. After all, sitting for the "Unsittables" isn't a walk in the park. This story was absolutely adorable! A light, quick-moving, and grin inducing romp through the life of a very special baby sitter. I zipped through this, and I don't regret one minute of it.


Now, this is definitely a book targeted at Middle Grade readers. If you can't let go of reality long enough to accept the fact that Gabby is quite a popular baby sitter, and by that I mean movie stars fly her to their sets to watch their kids, then the sheer silliness of this story won't sit well with you. If you can, you're in for a treat! This book is the perfect MG no-brainer. It has the perfect amount of MG friendly tension and intrigue. There isn't anything too gross or too scary to address when deciding whether to put this in a readers hands. Best of all, there's an underlying message. One of understanding, patience, and acceptance.


If you aren't sold yet, let me tell you that Gabby Duran is a wonderful character. On top of being a compassionate and amazing baby sitter, she's also a very smart and resourceful young girl. Her affection for the children she worked with was infectious. It could very well be that I'm biased, seeing as how I worked with children for a huge portion of my life, but I loved seeing that kind of passion in a book character. There wasn't a single part of Gabby that I didn't feel connected to, and I'm not even the target audience.


Are you looking for a new book for that MG reader in your family? Consider putting this in their hands. Then sit back, and prepare for the giggles to start.