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The Last Temptation by Neil Gaiman and Michael Zulli

The Last Temptation - Michael Zulli, Neil Gaiman

What do you get when you cross Alice Cooper and Neil Gaiman? This graphic novel. You end up with The Last Temptation. My affinity for Gaiman knows no bounds. From children's books, to graphic novels, I eagerly snatch them all up if his name is on them. It's his writing. It's the way that he manages to weave together light and darkness into something magical. That probably doesn't make much sense anywhere outside of my own book addled mind, but it's the truth.


Read the introduction. If you happen to pick this up, please do. I had no idea that Gaiman actually wrote this with Alice Cooper. That this graphic novel actually coincides with an album. As soon as I found that out, I immediately sat and listened to the album before reading. Gaiman said it was part of the experience, and I took him at his word. Did it enhance the read? Maybe. At the very least, I rekindled my love of Alice Cooper's voice.


Now that I've rambled on, let's get to the actual graphic novel itself. The Last Temptation is the story of Steven. A boy who is afraid, of everything it seems. That is, until he meets the Showman, and discovers more about himself than he ever hoped to know. If you guessed that Alice Cooper makes his debut as the Showman, you'd be right. It suits him too. A figure shrouded in darkness and death, he's a mystery throughout the entire story. If you were offered the opportunity to escape growing old, at a price of course, would you take it? That's what the Showman offers, and what Steven's story is all about. The illustrations in this are simple and match the story perfectly. Stark black on white, with details right where they need to be. It's the whole package.


Which is why I can't quite pinpoint why I didn't fall madly in love with this story. It was well-written. The illustrations were flawless. For some reason it just didn't resonate with me. That being said, this is absolutely worth a read through if you enjoy Gaiman's writing. Or if you're an Alice Cooper fan. Or, you know, if you're both.