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Oh, the guilt.

I've DNF'd exactly 3 books in the last two weeks. That, my friends, is a HUGE first for me. Once upon a time, this reader dutifully worked her way through every book that ended up in her hands. I just couldn't put a book down, because I felt terrible for leaving something undone. Unfinished.


Then, Castle Nottingham (my TBR pile) grew. And grew. And took over my bookshelves. I'm starting to realize that not putting books into the DNF pile is actually detrimental. I could be spending that time reading something I'm loving! So far, that's been absolutely true. Those 3 books I left in the dust led to 2 books that are completely blowing me away so far.


Of course, there are still exceptions. I'll work my way through Talon no matter what, simply because I already paid for the audio book and I'm 50% done at this point. Julie Kagawa gets a pass because I love her to death.


I'm trying really hard not to let that guilt seep in. Sorry DNF books. I'm sure you'll be great for someone else, but we just don't mesh. It's not you, it's me. I need to see other characters.