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Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Red Rising - Pierce Brown

Brilliant. So much so, that Red Rising takes it's rightful spot as my fourth 5-star book of this year. If only I would have known what brilliance was waiting for me, this would have been read much sooner. As my audio book neared its end, and my heart beat started to slow to a more normal rhythm, there was only one word left in my head: DAMN. That, and the need to find out what happens next.


I was instantly impressed at how easily I was immersed in this story. Darrow was a character that I could get behind, and one I understood. Loyal, loving, and full of a rage that is buried so deep down he doesn't even know how to address it anymore. Here was a character who accepted his lot in life because he felt he had to. Because he was too afraid to fight back. That is, until life gave him no choice. I tell you, his character ate at my heart. So much pain, so much agony, and yet such a brave soul.


Truthfully, it was the brutal, often gory, way this story was told that really won me over. I think too often in YA violence and gritty topics are swept under the rug. I've read many a Fantasy story where everything was solved in such a simple manner, ignoring the fact that rebellions are often drenched in blood, sweat and tears. This book didn't shy away from that. It was sad at times, dark at others, but full of lessons learned. I was so taken in by all of it. This read like a book that was aimed for at adults, and I ate that up.


Bravo. Simply, bravo. I have nothing but love for Red Rising. If this is what I can expect from Pierce Brown from now on, sign me up! I'll be waiting in line.