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Finn Fancy Necromancy by Randy Henderson

Finn Fancy Necromancy - Randy Henderson

So, where to begin with this crazy whirlwind of a book? If you're looking at the cover, and hoping that the story inside matches the complete random feeling of the outside, please know that you can breathe easy. This book is so weird. Finn Fancy Necromancy is a family drama, but also it's not. A dramedy? A comera? Ha. Point being, this book takes a long look at a very weird, rather lovable family, without one iota of seriousness thrown in. Are you looking for something utterly random, and yet engrossing at the same time? Congratulations. You've found your book.


In an unprecedented turn of events, I'm going to talk about the writing first. Normally I love to dish all about characters from the get go. This time around, the writing deserves some love. I promise you that "random" is the best word to describe this book. However, it's completely addictive because of how well written it is. Some sort of sorcery is afoot when a debut author swaps from the topics of necromancy and Fae, to describing a character that sounds suspiciously like Mr T., right on to 90's pop culture and a guerrilla sasquatch team, and the reader doesn't even bat an eye. Sure, this book is absolute madness most times. But it's funny, and it's easy to read. 


Now, we can get to the characters! Who, despite their rather... erm... unique personalities, grow on you after a while. The fact that Finn is experiencing the current world after essentially being stuck as a 15 year old boy for 25 years, is priceless. His lack of knowledge about technology and jargon just add to the overall insanity of this story line. He's likable, as is the rest of his family after a while. While you might not always love where things are going, I'm betting to guess you won't be able to resist the quirkiness of these characters.


Finn Fancy Necromancy gets three "What in the everloving HELL?" fueled stars from this reader. With its solid writing, hilarious events, and lovable characters, it was a pretty fun ride. I'm just hoping there is more around the bend and, I can't stress this enough, it doesn't take me so long to settle in to.