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The Deep by Nick Cutter

The Deep - Nick Cutter

Well, damn. When I started The Deep I swore that this was going to end up a five-star read for me. The beginning of this book had this deep seeded sense of dread, like any moment everything was going to come crashing down. The concept of the 'Gets was terrifying in its simplicity. A disease that eats away at who you are, making you slowly fade until you just cease to be alive. Simple, brutal, sinister. By the time that Luke descended into the blackest depths of the ocean, my nerves were already frayed. The tension was thick, and I couldn't wait to cut my way through it.


Cue a new setting, and one that is far beyond what most of us are able completely wrap our minds around. The Trieste came alive for me, in all its dark glory. I felt the walls undulating around me, was able to breathe in the stale air, and felt the impending doom that Luke felt. This setting may not be entirely original, but it doesn't keep Cutter from writing it well. He quickly took my hand and led me in, even when I wasn't sure I wanted to go. The Trieste became an underwater palace of nightmares, and I was completely powerless to escape. The perfect setting for such a twisted story. Luke was a believable character, Al felt solid to me, and I was ready to follow these two into whatever awaited them. Like I said above, I really felt like this book was going to knock me off my feet.


Now here's the part where I explain to you where this book lost its momentum for me. Until reading The Deep, I never thought it was actually possible to tire of cliffhangers. Every chapter ended with one though, and there was this moment where I stopped feeling unsettled and started feeling annoyed instead. At first I loved the way that there was no line between what was real and what wasn't. Eventually though, it was just too much. I wasn't shocked anymore, wasn't horrified, was just waiting for Luke to finally sit down and give up. That's how done I was with this book. I'm all for tension building. That unsettled feeling in the pit of your stomach where you know something bad is coming but you still keep reading? That. I eat that up like crazy. I lost that feeling here, and with it my interest in the end of this book.


Maybe it's because things came to a crescendo earlier than I expected. Maybe it's because the violence against animals in this book left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe it's simply because I started to loose focus of why I had liked Luke and Al as characters in the first place. Luke's background story especially felt put in simply for shock value. The direction that The Deep took towards the ending took me by surprise, but it also put up a wall that left me standing on the other side. I wasn't able to immerse myself in the story any longer.


So, for a thrilling first half and characters who I initially greatly enjoyed, I'll give this book three stars without a second thought. I still see a lot to love in Nick Cutter's writing. I'll still be eagerly waiting for new books, because I believe he's a force to be reckoned with in this genre. I guess this story and I just didn't mesh entirely.