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Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King (author) and Bernie Wrightson (Illustrator)

Cycle of the Werewolf - Bernie Wrightson, Stephen King

Ah, what do I say about this book first? WEREWOLVES! DEATH! VIOLENCE! I think that about sums it up. I love Stephen King for so very many reasons, but I think the main one is that he always manages to write one hell of a story. The added illustrations were the icing on the cake here.


This was the latter half of my picks for the book club last month. Since everyone kind of disappeared off the map after reading Shirley Jackson, I ended up binge reading this for fun. I wasn't disappointed at all! For the second time in the month, I was treated to a story that surprised me. I had no idea where Stephen King was taking me, I was just holding on tight and enjoying the ride.


A maniacal laugh may or may not have escaped when I read the last page. I don't know what these books do to me. Perhaps I'm a bit insane? Perhaps we're all a bit insane ;).